liquidWMS Features

liquidWMS is a full-featured warehouse and inventory management system that is designed to be the most flexible solution for your business. Track inventory from inbound to outbound with all of the functionality found in any enterprise level WMS:

  • Receiving
  • Putaway
  • Inventory Moves
  • Picking
  • Shipping
  • and much more

But we don't stop there. See below to get a feel for what makes us different and get a better understanding of how liquidWMS can help revolutionize your business.

Web Based System

The web browser used to view this page is all that is needed to run liquidWMS! No special software or hardware is required to start using this system.

Access your inventory from any computer with an Internet connection: even a smart phone or tablet device.

Our low-bandwidth solution even works over a 3G hotspot; no permanent infrastructure required.

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Minimum System Requirements

liquidWMS will work with any modern internet browser. Some older versions may work, but support only covers: IE8+, Firefox 4+, Safari 5+, Chrome 10+.

Connectivity Options:

  • DLS/Cable (Preferred) *
  • 3G Hotspot - May limit how many concurrent users can access system at once

Not technical? We can assist you in setup of your network. Contact Sales to speak with an Engineer who can help you decide what is right for your business.

* Corporate Networks and Proxy configuration must be configured by client

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Safety & Security

liquidWMS has been fully designed around SSL encryption to protect your data.

Backups are performed regularly so you can feel safe knowing that your inventory data will not be lost.

Customizable roles limit user access to the functions and reports necessary to their assigned task.

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Safe Data Storage

Your data will be stored on an off-site server protected with SLL encryption, the same technology that protects banking sites and other important information.

All data is backed up on a regular schedule, ensuring that your data is protected from catastrophic hardware failure.

User-level/Role Access

Setup each user in a role that matches the access you want. Customize what a user can and cannot do. Want to limit only a particular role to be able to complete shipments? Just let us know!

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A Multipurpose Solution

liquidWMS is a flexible solution that can help improve operations regardless of size or scope.

  • Long-term warehousing
  • Cross dock operations
  • Reverse logistics
  • Temporary/seasonal warehousing
  • Special projects
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Short-term operations

Our monthly payment option is great for temporary inventory management solutions. Pay Month-to-Month, and even enable a 3G hotspot to get around any permanent network!

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Flexible Pricing

Monthly or yearly subscription plans are available to fit your time-lines and budgets.

There are no hidden fees or user licenses. Sign up, and use it how you see fit.

Even for the most complex operations, we can develop affordable custom solutions to add the functionality you need, either at start-up or anytime in the future.

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Software As a Service

Our flexible payment options allow you to pay for your warehouse management system month-to-month. This works great with seasonal/temporary operations, or clients that may not have enough capital traditionally required to implement a competing WMS systems.

Per-User Fees / Licenses

There are none!!! Have as many users as you need.

Customizations /Modifications

See below for details on customizations and modifications. Costs for all customizations will be provided after all requirements are documented. All costs will be clearly communicated prior to development.

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Customized Functionality

For most businesses, the base functionality found in liquidWMS is going to be more than adequate. Some operations, however, may need functionality that is specially tailored to a single process or business requirement. In most WMS systems, this requires a lengthy and expensive development cycle. Even though liquidWMS comes with a vareity of standard features, the system is designed to make customizations easy and inexpensive.

See our Strategy page for more details on how liquidWMS engineers can help you design a system that works for your operation and budget.

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Base System

Our base system contains the functionality required for most businesses. The priority during any implementation is to figure a way to use the base system to accomplish business requirements. Engineers will only resort to modifications if the return on investment justifies an system change.


Work with our engineers to ensure your instance of liquidWMS works with your operation as much as possible. Why should your business have to change for a system that you are paying for?

Pricing / Fees

Our goal is to provide a system that is not only useful, but also low cost. Our engineers will never try and sell you unnecessary system modifications. What makes us different from our competitors is that we know how tight budgets can be for a WMS.

Costs for all customizations will be provided after all requirements are documented. All costs will be clearly communicated prior to development.

Pay for Development Once

Most modification costs a one-time development fee and can be used on any future instance for the same company. For some complex modules, a minor monthly fee may be added to the current contract. An engineer will clearly define all costs prior to development and implementation.

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